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Two days after having fun with family sledding in Eastern Washington, Mamba and I spent a few days on the Washington Coast with my long time friend, Joy.


Mamba and her Auntie Joy


We walked on the beach; talked about our dreams for the future; went antiquing; and visited with girlfriends Jami, of Jamison Cottage, and Kim who recently did the photography for Late Autumn at Jamison Cottage.


Joy lives up to her name… FULL of JOY.  She is also my silliest friend, which means we laughed almost non-stop.  We were both so full of stories and goofy humor that we didn’t go to sleep until 3:00 am two nights in a row.



Joy’s delicious sandwich from the Shelburne Inn

The inn keeper wrapped Joy’s left overs of 3 large chunks of pastrami and 4 or 5 uneaten rolls in a doggy bag, so we could enjoy them with dinner later.  We left 9 pound Mamba alone in the car for a few minutes while we ran into the grocery store to get a few more items to complete our meal.  When we returned to the car, we found a perfectly clean, empty, white to-go carton upside down in the back seat.


That day, we also stopped by the antique mall, where Jami and Kim have adjacent shops.  Their camaraderie was clearly visible.


I could see that they generously share ideas with each other.  They are confident in their unique gifts and abilities and are not threatened by one another.  They are bonafide Certified Girlfriends™!


North Coast Antique Mall


This is the entrance to Jami’s shop


A vignette in Jami’s shop


On my way out, this is what I read on the chalkboard!


Kim’s shop is directly adjacent to Jami’s shop.  This is the outside of Jami’s shop, viewed from Kim’s side.


These little dance costumes were at the entry of Kim’s shop, they made our hearts happy!


Kim’s custom jewelry stamped with words to live by

Both shops are beautiful and have excellent merchandise, ranging from antique furniture and accessories, to one of a kind stationary, custom jewelry and key chains.


The first evening we were in town, Jami and Kim visited us, the second evening, we went to Jami’s house.  I didn’t refrain from picture taking.


A view through the back door window


I love this bed, with pillows created by Jami, on the back porch


While I was going through my photos, I noticed this French Grammar book displayed in a clear canister on the back porch


The bright shiny textures of Christmas decorations in this tall vase were beautiful


Jamison Cottage’s living room all aglow

DSC03565 (1).jpg

Entry road to the beach


Me posing with Mamba on the beach


My childhood bestie, Nancy, sent this photograph of one of the girlfriend getaways our moms took when we were little. From Left to Right: Nancy’s mom, Bonnie; my little sister Amy; Nancy’s little sister Sarah; and my mom.

filename-1 (2)

I recently found this photo of Nancy’s little sister, Sarah, and me playing in the dunes when we were 5

DSC03625While I was unpacking from our trip, I looked toward the table to see Mamba sitting on the chair, fixated on this bag of dog food and treats.  I wonder if this is how she looked just before she ate Joy’s pastrami and rolls.

19 thoughts on “Girlfriend Getaway

  1. Nancy says:

    I love reading your posts. I feel like I just had two mini vacations. Love you!


  2. Pooh Bear, one of the things on my agenda was taking Joy to Marsh’s Free Museum in Long Beach, but we ran out of time!

    Remember all of the cool trinkets we used to get there when we were little? My all time favorite was the tube of long, red, clip-on finger nails!!

    If you know where any photos of us and/or Amy and Sarah are from “back in the day”, you should email them to me and I will include them here! I am going to my mom’s today, I will see if I can find some in her albums.

    Look at the picture above of Jami and Joe’s fireplace surround. The shell collection was started by shells bequeathed to them by a dear friend, but many of the shells were purchased at Marsh’s Free Museum!

    Love you back!


    1. Nancy says:

      Love the sunset photo! It has been hanging on the wall at my parent’s house for as long as I can remember.


      1. Thanks for sending it to me! xo


  3. Kim cherry says:

    I loved meeting you!!! I seriously could have (and wanted to) stay long into the night talking and laughing with you, Joy, and Jami.
    You have such a generous, warm, down to earth spirit that immediately puts you at ease. Like I’ve known you my whole life! Joy is the same!! Love her!
    Thank you for featuring my shop space on this gorgeous blog!
    Forever your stalker/admirer/girlfriend..
    Love you!!


    1. Kim, I feel like we have known each other for our whole lives, too! You are so gifted, we are duly impressed by all of your talents!! You create stationary and jewelry,cut hair beautifully, you are an incredible portrait photographer and I know I am barely scratching the surface of all you can do! Joy and I didn’t want you to leave! Thank you for staying as long as you did.

      When you left, Jami, Joy and I marveled at what a great friendship circle we have started. Fun-loving, joyful, creative girls wanting to make a difference in the world by supporting each other in all facets of life. We are already planning our next trip, so we can spend more time with you and Jami. Next time, we want to add two more nights onto our trip. Do you promise to be my forever stalker?💞I love you. xox


  4. Janea says:

    What a wonderful place to go after your trip to a more snowy winterland. Thanks for sharing your stories, Melissa – it’s fun to “go along for the ride” as Nancy wrote. I was wondering about the weather – was it super cold? You look so cute in your rubber boots! And your girlfriends – they definitely know how to decorate. Wow!


    1. It was cold, but gorgeous! People often tell me those boots are cute, but they are utilitarian Mucks. I recently asked Jon if they were cute because of all the comments I get. He quickly said, “NO”! 😉 Made me chuckle to myself! They are cute for Muck’s though! And being the Creature of Comfort (http://thestyletti.com/creature-of-comfort/) that I am, they ARE WARM!!!


  5. Nancy says:

    I was just thinking about our childhood beach trips this past weekend! My mom has a sunset picture in her guest room that has silhouettes of I think Jannie and two of us kids. I was going to take a photo of it to send you but I forgot. How funny that we were both having some of the same memories at the same time. 🙂 I remember getting long plastic tubes filled with all kinds of trinkets and then spending hours sorting and trading them. I’m sure we came away with all the good treasures by tricking Sarah and Amy! Also playing in the little swimming pool at the beachfront hotel and running through the dunes. I’m sure my mom has pictures. I will check with her.


    1. Pooh, I remember everything you mentioned! I loved the flower power sweatshirts we wore and the colorful sand buckets with matching shovels we used to dig forts into the sand and build castles. Remember the fort we created by digging a big hole next to a sand dune and roofing it with driftwood? We couldn’t have been older than 6 or 7.

      I think the hotel we stayed in was really a motel, called Robinson’s (or maybe that was the name of the owners). If we had to choose between Ye Ole Curiosity Shop’s tubes filled with trinkets or the indoor swimming pool at Robinson’s, which would you have chosen? Remember how the windows around the pool steamed up and dripped with condensation and how every laugh, scream and splash echoed in that room?

      I think our moms liked taking us to Marsh’s (Ye Ole Curiosity Shop) because they knew they could shop around the store and if they planted us in that one aisle, full of mesmerizing junk, we’d be fully engrossed for as long as we were there. ❤️


      1. Nancy says:

        Oh my gosh. I can barely remember last week, but I remember all of that perfectly! I think it may have been The Dunes Motel and Robinsons were the owners. Its an impossible choice between that pool (which seems cute and kitschy in my memory, but was probably just normal) and the trinkets! The trinkets may get the edge only because the fun with them lasted through the car ride home. How great was it that our mom’s gave us that experience? Its really a treasure that’s lasted our lifetimes.


  6. Jami Doupé says:

    Lo, I am still in awe…
    How God , in His wisdom , love for each of us threw 4 completely unknowns together!

    How He must have been laughing , saying, “Look what I am going to do!”

    Then He made enchanted happen. And we were the recipients!

    Lets do it all again!
    Including Marsh’s , Oysterville, Bailey’s Bakery , and more I have in mind!

    Thank you for the constant support of my never ending quest to beautify !
    You are so rare, a gift.

    May you , Joy , and all who read your uplifting blog have a blessed, enchanted, miraculous new year!


    1. Amen! ❤️❤️❤️


      1. joy says:

        Mel I love you!!! Kim and Jami are so adorable and I had such a blast with you this weekend and the lovely ladies. I was surrounded by pure talent. Food, laughter, great encouragement , and talks of the Lord. How could I be so blessed. Hugs. How did you get so talented. God is good!!


  7. Nancy says:

    Happy New Year to the both of you! Two Vacays… in a few days! How fun! Such fabulous memories were made!


    1. Happy New Year Nancy!!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Kim Hayes says:

    Thank you for the travels, Mel and Joy! Hi Nancy! Thank you for helping us to slow down and remember wonderful memories. Lovely photos of the shops too! I was remembering some with you, Mel. You are blessed with a wonderful spirit. Can’t wait for the next adventure.


    1. Rae (Kim), What kind words! I have had great adventures with you and cherish those memories! We worked together, worked out together, went to school together, lived together, went on trips together, we were in each other’s weddings… I treasure you!

      You know what I’m blessed with? Amazing friends… some of whom I have met here on this blog!! 💞


  9. Janet Bolinger says:

    Fun to read and see Mel. Nice of you to share.
    love and hugs
    Janet b


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