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I once bought XS dog shoes for our sweet little Affenpinscher, Mamba, I thought they’d be an outstanding way to get her to walk on the wet grass she so despised, but they paralyzed her.


On Father’s Day weekend, I noticed a box of XL dog shoes at my mother and father in law’s house.


An intriguing yard sale find, dog shoes. Size XL

I asked about the shoes.  My mother in law bought them at a yard sale for their mini golden doodle, Karma.  I couldn’t imagine Karma needing them because she seems to be a great sport no matter what the weather.


Karma isn’t an extra large dog, but the shoes did look like they might fit.  I got my mother in law to try the shoes on Karma.


Karma trying her new shoes on with a little help from her mom.


Karma Trying to Stand in Her New Shoes


Karma Looking Like a Gangly Filly in Her New Shoes


First Steps


She tried to leap out of her new shoes.


Karma looked like an outsider, wishing she could play with Mamba while wearing her new shoes.


Karma Looking Sideways at Her Mom, Hoping Her Shoes Would Be Removed


Free at Last!  Happily Shoeless and Sharing a Favorite Toy With Mamba



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3 thoughts on “Does your dog wear shoes?

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh how darling!! Sooo adorable. But pretty many dogs hate shoes. More money for you to buy more shoes for yourself!!


  2. Janea says:

    Cute pics!


  3. Janet bolinger says:

    Oh Mel! You captured the moment well. I guess I was thinking of protection for her lil feet in all the ice n snow in the winter. You were very accurate is describing her as a “gangly filly” trying to run! She tried sort of “high stepping”.
    Fun of you to share! Nice visit!
    Lv n hugs Janet n Duane


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