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It’s been a few weeks since we vacationed in Vieques.  It seems like months, though.  I previously said I would show our hotel room because it was really great, so here are the pics!


A view of the sink wall in the bathroom from the bedroom.

I thought the trough tub looked intriguing from a design perspective, but it didn’t seem attractive from a relaxation perspective.  My dad is a farmer (story here) and uses troughs to water the cattle and horses.  I have to admit, that I have always had a secret fantasy of bathing in a trough, but it was sort of a hot weather on the farm fantasy.


A view of the bathroom from the bedroom.

Knowing that I may never have another opportunity, I couldn’t leave the hotel without trying the tub.  It was powder coated and there was a false bottom, to raise the floor of the tub for human scale and comfort.  A powder coated pipe was fabricated for over flow protection inside the tub.  The leaning piece of wood, possibly teak, shown on the right side (pictured below) was the back rest.  It was movable, so I moved it to the other end when I took a bath.


Surprisingly, it was very comfortable and two would have fit perfectly, but Jon was asleep!  I am a slight germ phobe and I worked hard not to fixate on the cleanliness of the wood piece I was leaning against.


The trough tub with wood slab, for leaning, is open to the bedroom.


The bedroom, shower, toilet, and closet are separated by barn doors. The trough tub and sink are separated by a gliding mesh curtain.


View from Bedroom to Living Room


The W Hotel is known for off kilter quirky details. This bright yellow plug and red fabric cord is an example of a quirky detail.


The landscape was so lush outside of our room that we only had a peekaboo view of the ocean, which was fine, since we spent daylight hours outside.


Our dining area, powder room and a peek of the bedroom.

The wall was decorated with an array of knobs.  Sometimes we hung our wet towels there or on our balcony’s towel rack.



The countertops in our room looked like beautiful reclaimed barn wood, but the decorator in me discovered they are laminate.  They were really attractive!  The cabinet doors are real wood.


A view of the living room/great room: to the left is a TV and shelving accessorized with architecture and graphic design books.  There is also a comfy sofa and a slider to the balcony with a peekaboo ocean view.




The plunge pool was located next to our room.

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10 thoughts on “W Hotel Room ~ Vieques

  1. simplysophisticatedspaces says:

    leave it to you to take an awesome picture of the cord and plug!


    1. My dad still marvels at how I would find a tiny object (like maybe a piece of gravel) when I was still crawling, and I would turn it over and around and analyze it from every angle. I am mechanically minded (not to be confused with meniacally minded). For some reason, that simple cord interested me.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. simplysophisticatedspaces says:

        i once took a photo of a paper napkin, because the kids wouldn’t stand still. I loved that photo!


    2. Was the napkin a digital pic or a film pic? If it was film, it would be a great surprise! In the days before digital, I was mostly surprised with over and underexposed photos! I am looking for the re-awkakening of your blog, so I can see all of your photos an projects. What name will you be blogging under?


  2. Diane says:

    That’s my Girlfriend…..checking out the faux wood vs the real wood. Love that about you….Oh, and thanks for pointing that out to us. Beautiful accommodations. Clearly a holiday to be remembered.


    1. Fixated on the details… whether in conversation or design! Now that’s a quirk!


  3. Janea says:

    Gorgeous digs. Good for you! 🙂 Janea

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Amy says:

    Very cool and fancy! What a great way to vacation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We have been able to stay in beautiful rooms through our SPG points, this was one of them!


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