Hey, Girlfriend!

❀ Making the World a Brighter Place One Friendship at a Time


The past month has been eventful for me!  First, I was preparing for our Journey to Vieques, then I went to my parent’s house to help install flooring (story to come), and then I went to NJ for Maria Killam’s True Colour Expert™ Workshop.   Continuing education is a vital component in the ever evolving …

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Collection of porcelain trinkets

Vignette: A Brief, But Powerful Scene Vocabulary.com Valerie has an exceptional talent and love for arranging accessories into beautiful displays. Her design firm used to be called Vignettes of Refinement, but the word vignettes confused too many people.  I love vocabulary.com’s definition of VIGNETTE: A brief, but powerful scene.     Eventually, to simplify things, she changed …

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HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ 15 Minute Fix ~ Bedside

You know the saying, “The cobbler’s children have no shoes“?  That’s sort of me when it comes to decorating and tidiness.  I help my clients create beautiful homes while I will turn a blind eye to my own home’s decorating issues.  The photo, two photos below, is proof of my bad behavior!