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There are so many cool apps for our phones and iPads available now that make our lives easier.  What did we ever do without them? One of my favorite apps is Waterlogue.  I also like and use

Waterlogue logo

Mapquest and a new app called Waze.  Waze is making a huge impact on driving here in Southern California.  It is similar to Mapquest, as it gives you directions. It also diverts your drive to avoid traffic, and alerts you to accidents up ahead as well as policemen and traffic cameras.  Love it!

Some other great apps I like are Urbanspoon and Chow for good eats in the neighborhood you choose to dine. Like Mapquest, you plug in the area you’re interested in, the type of food you’re craving, and choices of eateries will pop up.  Most retailers also have coupons you can download on your smartphone so you can take advantage of discounts. The techy world is always changing!

A girlfriend shared the Waterlogue app with me and I’m really enjoying using it!  I can snap a picture of a beautiful landscape or flower arrangement and it turns that photo into a piece of art. Their cute logo is a whale holding an umbrella.  You can read more about Waterlogue here.

It’s easy to use. First, download the app on your phone or iPad and take your photo of choice with it. Examples are landscapes, seascapes, architectural structures and floral bouquets.  Be adventurous!  The brighter the photo is, the better!  Not only can you take pictures with your smartphone, but you can pull pictures from your photo library.

ORIGINAL PICTUREOriginal picture of flowers

Open the Waterlogue app and click on the camera on the left side the screen. This allows you to retrieve pictures from your camera library.  Choose your picture and watch the magic!


You can choose natural, bold, luminous, “It’s technical”, etc., etc. After choosing your picture the app will draw and paint it.

Waterlogue 2

You can then email the picture to your computer.  It can be used as a screen saver, or printed out and made into cards, frameable pictures or posters.

                                                                           THE FINISHED WATERCOLOR
Finished product


Making cards


Finished card

Let your imagination and creative juices run wild!  The holidays are coming up. Visual displays and the beauty of nature surround us daily.  Instead of using the phone for selfies, try this!

So, when you are out and about photograph that beautiful flower, sunset, or landscape and capture it forever.  Be sure and share any apps YOU love with us girlfriends!  Have fun!

One thought on “Apps, Apps, and more Apps!

  1. Melissa says:

    I am looking forward to trying Waze and Waterlogue! Our Certified Girlfriend, Jeri, uses quality watercolor paper for printing her Waterlogue artwork for an original painting effect. I think it is beautiful!


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