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I recently pilfered pictures from my mother’s photo albums.  I was looking for beach images for the Girlfriend Getaway post.


Regretfully, I raided her albums when I was a teenager and gave my favorite childhood photos to old boyfriends.  The above photo was safe because it hung on the wall.

filename-1 (1)Thankfully, this photo of 2-1/2 year old me wasn’t boyfriend-worthy

According to my parents, I have always been a night owl.  I remember my mom forcing naps on me; so she and my baby sister, Amy, could have a rest.


I also remember being put to bed, at night, hours before I was sleepy.  When I thought the coast was clear, I would turn the light on and dress up in something that made me feel like a lady.  I also liked to rearrange the furniture in my room.


My mom said the best picture was the one where I was wearing my Easter hat, a tie around the waist of my nightgown, and Mary Janes on the wrong feet.


The above photo was taken at midnight.  (Busted!  I look slightly shocked or maybe embarrassed.)  I don’t dress up in the middle of the night anymore, but I rearrange furniture for a profession and I still come alive at night!


What early childhood habits have you hung on to?



12 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change

  1. Diane says:

    Mel ~

    I always had a fabulous creative internal world going on inside that I often acted out in dress up with my sisters and friends. Still have a fair amount of that going on inside I just don’t share much of it outside these days. It’s precious to me and keeps me going when things outside look a little bleak. I also use to wet the bed…..thank the good Lord that stopped!!!

    As always, love the sharing of your inner world. Thanks for the memories Girlfriend!!! 💜


    1. Di,
      You still do know how to play dress up. I love seeing the way you dress up for a party! You know how to bring a special occasion up a notch with your elegant fashion sensibility. That’s one of those internal examples I see played out in you. I don’t think many people know that gift about you.

      You have a practical exterior, but you are cultured and creative. You keep some of that close to the vest, I bet more of that is going to seep out for the world to see! Keep dreaming because dreams do come true.

      As for wetting the bed, sure you’ve quit! 😉



  2. ward111 says:

    Adorable! And, with your little handbag, always the fashionista! Lauri >


    1. Thank you Lauri, it is kind of funny that I would put patent leather shoes on (albeit on the wrong feet) and hold a little handbag in the privacy of my bedroom. 💗


  3. Jami Doupé says:

    Lo Lo,
    You have managed tender, adorable, and hilarious here, with just a few short words and the cutest photos, ever, hands down.
    Thankfully, some things never change!
    You embody all of these, still.

    Love you huge!
    Thank you for the smiles.


    1. Jami, What childhood habits have your hung on to?! I’m so glad this post gave you extra smiles!! Love you, too!


  4. Janea says:

    I love this post, Melissa. You remind me so much of me. I remember going into my room, putting on a short-sleeved white sweatshirt (no hood) over a long-sleeved black sweatshirt. When I came out, my mother asked, “What is that?” and sent me back to change. I still love putting together unusual combinations of clothes – even more daring when I’m just alone at home.
    I have a style blog to indulge this fancy: http://theSTYLetti.com 😉


  5. Janea, I have a feeling that in many ways, we were the same little kid.

    I still ADORE fashion and am even saddened when people neglect it; but in the privacy of my own home and yard, my dream is to wear polar fleece from head to toe with Uggs in the winter and cotton baby doll dresses with flip flops in the summer.


  6. Eliza says:

    Hi Melissa, nice pix! Already a stylist at such a young age!


    1. Eliza, I was just thinking about you! How have you been?! I am curious to hear about what personality traits you have hung onto since early childhood! 💕


  7. Nancy says:

    I loved playing teacher! So guess what??? I became a teacher.
    I also loved dreaming of what my house would look like so I looked at a lot of catalogs. My Mom could keep me quiet for hours if she put a pile of catalogs in front of me. I would tear out fancy pages and look at them while I played with my doll house. Guess what it is today… Pinterest!!
    Cool picture of you in the middle of the night! Stylin’ even at midnight!


  8. Nancy, my little sister, Amy, LOVED playing teacher too! She turned out to be a nurse, though. What did (do) you teach?

    I adored playing with dolls and I enjoyed looking at catalogues, also! It’s kind of amazing how much entertainment a kid could get out of a Sears or JCPenney catalogue! In hind site, I do think it is telling that I was most interested in the sections having to do with home and yard. I did love the toy section, too!


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