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The past month has been eventful for me!  First, I was preparing for our Journey to Vieques, then I went to my parent’s house to help install flooring (story to come), and then I went to NJ for Maria Killam’s True Colour Expert™ Workshop.


Continuing education is a vital component in the ever evolving world of interior design.  Fortunately, Valerie and I belong to the Interior Redecorators Network™, which has been an incredible resource for us.


Maria Killam reviewing one of our classroom exercises.

The IRN’s focus is on education.  We look forward to the speakers and tours at our annual conferences.  Between conferences, we love having a network of counterparts to brainstorm with as well as regular trainings, covering all subjects related to our businesses.


Many of our members are certified True Colour Experts™.  I finally signed up for the Maria Killam’s True Colour Expert™ workshop in Toronto at the end of May.  When 8 of my IRN counterparts said they couldn’t go, but could go to the NY/NJ training during the 1st week of June, I canceled my Toronto trip and booked a trip to NJ.


One of the workshop’s challenging exercises.

During the workshop, we dealt with dated and modern palettes, so that we could hone our color consulting skills for clients who are not interested in upgrading their furnishings and only want paint colors.  We also focused on solutions for homes that have clashing fixed elements.


Six of the 9 Interior Redecorators™ in the NJ/NY True Colour Expert™ Workshop.  Left to right: Gina, Anne, Nora, Lauren, Jan and Jeri, my seat was next to Jeri’s…I was the picture taker.

Gina wrote a magazine worthy review of Maria’s True Colour Expert™ workshop on her blog, TRENDSlation, yesterday.  It’s an excellent read!


Two darling new friends from Maria Killam’s True Colour Expert™ Workshop… I’m sad they live so far from me!


This is whom I sat with for the entirety of the conference. They are my Interior Redecorator Network™ sisters.


NJ Interior Redecorating Network™ meet-up.  We are friends inside the group and outside.


Some of my Interior Redecorating™ counterparts, including Allyson standing at the end of her table.  Seated at the other tables are all of our new True Colour Expert™ friends.


The True Color Expert™ Support team.  Left to right: Allyson is an Interior Redecorator™ who returned as a graduate assistant, Lisa is Director of Customer Service and Delight, me, and darling Terreeia who is Maria’s business partner.  These women are precious love bugs!


IRN girls posing on the last day with Maria.  We were so fortunate to do this together!


Maria and Me

The training was a whirlwind, I left exhilarated and exhausted!  Since our training and certification, the girls at my table and I have not stopped texting pictures of clashing undertones and quizzing each other to refine our skills.


This is what was waiting for me when I got home:


A bag with 2 pairs of Dolce Vita shoes and two boxes of Maria Killam Colour Boards.


This is what was inside the Dolce Vita Shoe Boxes!


Modeling my cute and affordable Dolce Vita Sandals

Then I was off to a baby shower and back to my parent’s house to finish the floors.


Looking back at the class exercises, I recognized that they were interesting and challenging, but I didn’t fully understand their true worth until I returned to the real world of clashing undertones and started using the pages we worked on to identify violet grey undertones vs. blue grey undertones or pink beige undertones vs. very pink beige undertones…  My new Colour Boards are fantastic, I have already been able to turn my mother into a color convert.  We are moving her out of the dated Tuscan Brown trend into a newer more vibrant world, influenced by greys.  Who knew?!


She is relieved to know that she can keep all of her existing furnishings.  With nothing more than a simple paint tweak and a few accessories, her living room is going to look fresh and current.


Certified True Colour Experts™, NJ/NY Class of June 2016

If you want a great blog to follow on color and design, follow Maria’s!  Go to MariaKillam.Com.  And by the way, it is Maria’s Birthday today.


Happy Birthday Maria! 🎂

10 thoughts on “True Colour Expert™ Workshop

  1. Maria Killam says:

    OMG what a fun post, thanks so much 🙂 xoxo


  2. Fab post, dear Melissa! So fun to read your recap of events and to see your amazing photos. Such talent! xoxo


    1. Allyson, Thank you!!!


  3. Anne says:

    Can’t think of a more wonderful group of talented friends to experience this course with! Thank you for the recap dear Melissa!!!


    1. I agree with you Anne! We are fortunate to have been able to share the experience and to be able to continue to challenge each other with our newfound knowledge!


  4. Susan Hayes says:

    Hey Girlfriend – You are the best. It was so great being with everyone at Maria’s class. Let’s not wait too long before we all get together again.
    Great Pics!!


    1. I agree! I expect to see you at the IRN conference in Dallas! It was wonderful to see you and to get caught up with you. I am so grateful for your sweet heart! xoxo


  5. Lisa Borton says:

    I love this post, Melissa! Such fun to relive the week through your words and beautiful photos. It was a joy to meet you! So glad you switched to NJ 🙂


    1. Lisa, I am so glad you let me switch! That was a week to remember! Thank you for being such a special part of it. I feel blessed to have started a friendship with you, you are a prize! 💖 xox


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