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 The simple phrase,

“attitude is EVERYTHING!”

is powerful.  


Of course, attitude isn’t literally EVERYTHING, but it can change EVERYTHING!


If you can use an attitude adjustment, start this minute!


Begin by choosing

  1. to be kind
  2. to be happy
  3. to be generous
  4. to be merciful
  5. to be gracious
  6. to be forgiving there is strength and power in forgiveness
  7. to look for good in others
  8. to be happy for other’s successes
  9. to like yourself
  10. to love yourself, so that you can love others
  11. to tell the truth in love
  12. to bless, not curse 
  13. to be patient
  14. to focus on things that are good
  15. to give of your time and resources
  16. not to live in fear
  17. to be thoughtful
  18. to go for your dreams (no matter what age you are)
  19. to let go of insecurities (they are not helpful or attractive)
  20. to listen to your deep intuitions
  21. to get proper nutrition and care for yourself 
  22. to have fun
  23. to lighten up
  24. to be easy going
  25. to let go of anger and grudges
  26. to appreciate the small things and the big things
  27. to count your blessings
  28. to stop comparing
  29. to reject negativity
  30. to be grateful
  31. to believe that you were created for a wonderful purpose ✿ 


6 thoughts on “Attitude is Everything ~ 31 ideas

  1. Nancy P says:

    #32 – to surround yourself with good people. Thank you for being one of my good people. ❤

    I love, love , love your picture!


    1. Pooh,
      You are one of my good peeps and I am so thank you!


  2. Anne says:

    Beautiful post!


    1. A beautiful reader and Girlfriend! I am going to find out why you have to keep re-signing up to post!



  3. Nancy says:

    Fabulous! Smiles all around!
    Your picture is splendid! Such a beauty!


  4. Nancy says:

    A lovely post that many should read!

    Liked by 1 person

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