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My adventuresome husband likes to travel.  This is where he took me this week.


Beach Play

We’re in Vieques, a beautiful Puerto Rican Island.  It’s the perfect time of year, not too hot and not too populated.  Relaxing, private and beautiful.


Post cartwheel


W Hotel, Vieques Water Toys.  Jon’s the guy lounging in the background.


Dusk at the beach in Vieques



Stay tuned, more to come (Journey to Vieques and Poolside Relaxation in Vieques)!

18 thoughts on “Viva La Isla Nena Vieques

  1. Janea says:

    What a darling swimsuit, and you look awesome in it, Melissa! Enjoy!! It looks like a beautiful place to get some R & R. 😉 XO, Janea


    1. Thank you Janea! It is very relaxing!


  2. Nancy P says:

    Beautiful! I wish I could have stowed away in your luggage. Enjoy!


    1. If you weren’t in beautiful Scottsdale, I would have put you in my luggage. For sure. xo


  3. Janet Bolinger says:

    What a great place to be Melissa! Good for you two. Looks ‘wonderful’…..the color of the water (you sent from your plane) was just unbelievable! Enjoy……wish we were there! Thanks for sharing sweetie!
    love and hugs ‘us’ jb/db


    1. Yes, the water is beautiful! I’m not sure what picture that was, but I think it was probably the Bahamas.


  4. Amy says:

    Beautiful! It’s a shame that 2 full blooded sisters couldn’t have the same body! 😏 Oh well! Looking good at 50 sis! Hi to Jon!


    1. You got longer legs and more curves! And good lighting is EVERYTHING!!! 😌


  5. Diane says:

    So glad you are having FUN….and, especially, that you are still able to do cartwheels at 50!!!! Looks wonderful Girlfriend!


    1. I hope I will always be able to do cartwheels!💕


  6. Tim says:

    Hi Melissa is that you?! I thought you had a daughter you didn’t tell us about. Looks like you’re having a great time. Good for you. Hello to Jon.


    1. Tim, Thank you!! Two secrets: Fun and great lighting!!

      Jon will say, “Hello!” when he wakes up, it’s 1:18 am here and he’s sleeping. Tell Mellissa that I said “Hello!”. We miss you two!


  7. Susan Sanders says:

    Love to you & Jon – miss you!


    1. Susan, we love and miss you back!!


  8. Kelly says:

    Mel, your photos are gorgeous and so are you! Enjoy your vacation xxx


    1. Thank you Kelly! I always enjoy your photos, they are beautiful, too! And so are you!! I love you girlfriend. xoxox


  9. Nancy says:

    A cartwheel, a sunset and a gorgeous girl! Doesn’t get any better then that!


    1. Aww! It’s fun to be Pippi Longstockings from time to time. That’s how a beach vacation should feel for me. xo

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