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In memory of the 36th anniversary of Mount St. Helens’ volcanic eruption, I found this photo taken of me (in front) and my two childhood besties, Nancy and Sarah, from one of our families’ Mount. St. Helens play days.


Our parents, my sister Amy, and Nancy and Sarah’s grandma were not in this picture, but they were there, too.  The day this photo was taken, Nancy and Sarah’s mom was so pregnant with their little sister, Krissy, that she was about to pop.


Based on my 6 years of life’s experience, I thought Nancy’s grandmother was kind of old. Nancy, an accountant, and I did some quick math today and came to the conclusion that Grandma was not much older than we are now!


She had a cute figure and dyed her hair jet black.  I was mesmerized by her prescription cat eye glasses, they made a statement.  I’m not sure what the statement was, but I pondered it when I was a kid.  I thought the glasses were sassy and strong, maybe even defiant.


Feeling safe and secure with the elderly woman, we squeezed onto a wood and metal sled.  Grandma sat in front, incharge of the foot operated steering rudder, and we squished in behind her.  She picked the steepest, longest slope and went straight down, wildly screaming until our ride ended abruptly with somewhat of a violent crash.


We were tossed in opposing directions with our arms and legs flopping around as we bounced and rolled.  We were terrified, but mostly thrilled and exhilarated!


Let’s do it again!” we chanted.



7 thoughts on “Mount St. Helens

  1. Janea says:

    Thanks for the fun post, Melissa. Nancy’s grandma was so memorable! I loved those cat-eye glasses – she was sassy! 🙂 XO, Janea


  2. Nancy P says:

    I love this! I’ve never seen that picture. Grandma was certainly spunky and she took great care with her look. The jet black hair, bright red long nails and her matching polyester tops and bottoms. She had it going on! And she loved adventure!

    She also loved both of you girls (Janea and Lissa). I have the most perfect picture of me and Janea with Grandma and her cat eyes. I’ll try to find it. 🙂


    1. Your description of her made me laugh!


  3. Sarah says:

    I’ve never seen that photo either! That must have been the day we slid off the road on the way home. Nancy and I ended up on the floor of the pickup with our 9-month pregnant mom landing on top of us. Nobody wore seat belts back then. Thanks for the fun memory of that day and of Grandma.


    1. OMG! Can you believe we all survived without seat belts?! I was wondering how my family got up there. We must have taken separate vehicles.


  4. Amy says:

    You have the best memory! I know we always had so much fun when we were hanging with Nancy and Sarah, but I wish more details were stuck in my memory. Must be because you’re older, and much wiser… Haha!


    1. Yes, my memory is more excellent because I am older than you. 😉


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