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I was recently leaving Nordstrom downtown Seattle when I saw this man with this sign.


I tried to discreetly take a picture because I had never seen such a creative way of asking for money from a street corner.  I didn’t have cash to give and my spirit didn’t tell me I should go to the bank machine.  Even so, I feel haunted when I see this picture.


I want to know this man’s story.  Did he make the sign?  If he did, what is his creative background?  Did someone else make the sign?  Is he down on his luck, mentally ill, physically ill, experimenting, doing an undercover show to observe the kindness or coldness of others?  Is he a manipulator?  Where is he now?  Is he okay?  Is he being treated with care and concern?  Does he treat himself and others with care and concern?  What are his gifts and talents?  Will he be able to catch a break and get back on his feet?


Does anything specific strike you about this picture?




5 thoughts on “Fishing for Kindness

  1. Diane says:

    I’m glad he is well dressed for Seattle weather. I vote….Down on his luck, educated, creative and humble.


    1. I think that was a good read! Doesn’t your heart break?


  2. Nancy says:

    My heart definitely breaks!


  3. Kevin says:

    I just saw this man yesterday just outside the ferry station, gave him a dollar, this is easily the most creative way I’ve seen out here.


    1. Kevin, I want to know his story! Were you as curious as me? Thank you for the update! Have a great day!


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