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HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Seafoam Ceilings

Ten years ago, I took a trip to South Carolina, Georgia and Florida with my parents.


We dined in historic restaurants, shopped flea markets, toured the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil house, went antiquing and drove through beautiful old neighborhoods where gracious wrap around porch ceilings were painted sky blue.


The ceilings in three of our homes were painted Glacier Blue by Benjamin Moore.

HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Sky Blue Ceilings

HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Sky Blue Ceilings

I planned on painting the porch ceiling of our sunny Southern California house a shade of sky blue, but when I saw this beauty while visiting St. Augustine, Florida, I knew seafoam would provide the fresh, watery color our beach home was yearning for.

HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Seafoam Ceilings

St. Augustine Beauty

Ceiling Paint ~ Benjamin Moore Glacier Blue

Our old porch

In my opinion, with a few exceptions, ceilings are prettiest when they are painted in shades of a beautiful blue sky.  Seafoam isn’t technically a color you would see in the sky, but it does mimic the way water might reflect off of a pool onto a ceiling.


Yellow is a color that I have never seen look beautiful on a ceiling, it always looks oppressive and jarring to me.


When choosing sky blues, the perfect shade depends on lighting and surrounding colors, as lighting and color affect color.  To prevent rooms from feeling babyish and unsophisticated, I often choose blues with grey undertones.


Since ceilings tend to be shaded, with the majority of lighting pointing to the floor and bouncing off walls, choose a color with higher light reflective value (LRV) for ceiling paint than you might for walls.


You may enjoy this Sherwin Williams article about, sky blue ceilings!

11 thoughts on “Sky Blue Ceilings

  1. Janea says:

    Really great advice! I love your color aesthetic, Melissa. It makes total sense! XO, Janea


    1. Well, thank you, Janea!💕


  2. Diane says:

    The pictures of your beautiful old home in Long Beach brings back such wonderful memories of laughter, warmth, and cuddles with Winnie and Jake. It was the first home I ever saw with a blue ceiling and I would gaze at it marveling at your creative color sense. I miss everything about that home…..and, especially, I miss you girlfriend!! 💕


    1. Oh Di! Such great memories (too many to count, but I probably could because they were all meaningful to me) in that house! I often come across the picture of 68 pound Jake lying in your lap and kissing your face while you sat in the little club chair.

      Love to you!


  3. Nancy says:

    What a spectacular color of sea foam that is. I hope you will post the picture of your newly painted porch one day.


    1. Nancy, I did post the pic of my newly painted front porch! It was the picture that says old front porch. It’s old because I don’t live there anymore.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nancy says:

        How did I miss that… I had to scroll through again…!! I think while I was reading your post i was thinking you were on your way to painting the porch. Yeesh! That porch was a beauty!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Kim Hayes says:

    Love your old porch and kitchen. Color is one of your many talents!


    1. Rae, Thank you! How are you feeling?!! I’ve been praying for you!


  5. Amy says:

    How refreshing those pictures are of your Long Beach home! I remember what it looked like before you and Jon gutted it. You turned it into perfection! Any kind of measurement, drafting, woodwork, plumbing (I’ve seen you in action telling the guys at the specialty plumbing store how to solve the problem), electrical, arrangement, color and decorating, your talents are unlimited! You can figure anything out in a snap! I’ve never known a girl with so many power tools, AND who has mastered how to use each one of them. You are always amazing me! The smartest full blooded sister I have! 😉


    1. You are promoted to the captain of my cheerleading squad! Thanks for calling me the smartest full blooded sister you have, it’s a huge compliment, I have no words… I have to say, you are the smartest and ONLY full blooded sister I have!


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