Hey, Girlfriend!

❀ Making the World a Brighter Place One Friendship at a Time

Have you ever had a brilliant plan to get fit, lose weight, organize your life or be a better you?HeyGirlfriend.Net

What happened on the day you pledged to start?  Did you ever procrastinate because you were unclear about your intentions or feel overwhelmed by such a large goal?


Melissa and I (you can read more about us here) have each entertained the idea of blogging for our interior design businesses The Home and Garden Stylist and the Room Stylist (shameless plugs) for almost 10 years. Over the years, Melissa and I have written articles for the Interior Redecorators Network’s professional interior decorating news journal. Melissa recently wrote a Christmas article and did a photo shoot  for a national decorating magazine called Vintage Holiday (Fall 2015 entitled Dream House). It’s on the shelves now and will be available until November 15, 2015.  Mel has also written a few posts for her friend Janea’s blog theSTYLetti.com. Writing is a satisfying and creative outlet for us.


Up until just recently, we procrastinated, not only because we were unclear about our intentions, but the market is already filled with great blogs. We were overwhelmed and it wasn’t until the name “Hey, Girlfriend!” came to mind that we had our “aha” moment and said that’s it!!!


The name “Hey, Girlfriend!” came about because Melissa and I call our girlfriends “Girlfriend”. We also strangely address each other when we phone, as “Hey, Girlfriend! It’s your Girlfriend!” in a silly sing-song tone.


One day, “Hey, Girlfriend!” came to Melissa as a blog name and the obvious choice for a name like that was for us to partner together. We both agreed if we did it as a team it could be really fun.  We ALWAYS have fun together!


But what kind of blog would it be? We decided all things “GIRLFRIEND”.  A place to share with our girlfriends (friends we have known forever and girl/guyfriends we have met through our blog) pictures of what we’re doing, places we love, and things that inspire us.  Hopefully our blog will be a place you can have a fun “Hey, Girlfriend!” moment to brighten up your day!


Girlfriend Patty ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

ADVENTURERSIsrael Valerie Jean and Mel ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

COMRADESFriends since junior high school ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net


Carol and Mel ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

BFFS………ALWAYS! SHE KNOWS TOO MUCH!Vonna and Val in Maui ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net


Teamwork ~ HeyGirlfriend.NetTROUBLEMAKERS

sweet young friends in London ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Care to join the adventure?  As Forrest Gump said, “Life is a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get!  Hopefully, “Hey, Girlfriend!” will be to your taste!

2 thoughts on “How “Hey, Girlfriend!” Came to Be

  1. Kim Horn says:

    Girlfriends celebrating and supporting girlfriends. What a wonderful concept. I love that you included Patty! Love you Val!


    1. Kim,

      We girls need to stick together! Everytime I look at that picture of Patty I can hear her laugh. I miss her and I’m sure you do too! Love you! xoxo


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