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“How lucky am I to have something that makes saying good-bye so hard?”

Winnie The Pooh

Baby Jake  October 9, 2001 to September 1, 2015

 Dedicated to my sweet husband Jon Paul

Free Bird Chelan~ Photography by Melissa Bolinger ~ HeyGirlfriend.net

It seems as though Jake was always with us.

His full name was Jacob Ann, after my middle name.  We also gave him the middle name of Josephine after his paternal grandma.  We often called him “Baby Jake” because he was Winnie’s little brother, one litter (9 months) apart.

I was there when his litter was born.  We were given the first pick and God smiled on our family when my husband chose Jake.

Winnie, his brother, was the last pick of his litter.  The breeders called him “little Napoleon.”  He was the runt, but he ruled the roost.  He was Mister Personality.

Mr. Personality ~ Dana Leigh Snidecor Photography ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Big Brother, Winnie

Jake was gentle and mellow and, at the same time, manly.  By all accounts, he was perfection.

Winnie would lick your face off, if you let him.  Jake would barely stick his tongue out and hardly make contact.

When we gave Winnie a treat, he would take your hand with it.  When we gave Jake a treat, he would gently take a tiny nibble.

Winnie was everybody’s friend, he would have led a crook to the loot, if he’d had an opportunity.  Jake was sophisticated and discerning.

When the boys weren’t glued to each other’s sides, Winnie preferred to be indoors with the peeps.  Jake needed his fill of nature.  We sometimes called him “Nature Boy” and referred to the plants he liked to lie on as the “Jungle”.  We would say, “Jake’s in the jungle right now.”

When Winnie was 8, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and eventually succumbed, after a long valiant battle.  Jake never fully recovered from the loss of his brother, his best friend; partner in all things precocious, adventuresome and naughty.

We adopted a little sister named Mamba, a cuddle muffin Affenpinscher, a year before Winnie died.  If Winnie was Mister Personality and Jake was debonair, Mamba is a rascal.  She is an intelligent, cozy, tender, cuddly, playful, precious tyrant!  She can coo one moment and snarl the next.

Princess ~ Photo By Melissa Bolinger ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Little sister, Mamba (a.k.a. Princess)

When Jake was a few weeks old, I broke my arm in a horse back riding accident and wasn’t ready to care for him once he was weaned from his mother, but I wanted to socialize him and introduce him to his new home.

This was the first time he came to our house.
Jake's first visit to our house HeyGirlfriend.NetWinnie and Baby Brother

This is the day Jake finally moved in.  Look at Winnie welcoming him home!  Winnie's Welcome

 Bosom buddies

Brothers Hanging Out HeyGirlfriend.Net
Jake and Winnie Portrait, by Dana Leigh Snidecor ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Our friend Pam used to call Jake “Movie Star”.  He had no idea how gorgeous he was.  If it is possible for a dog to be humble, he was. Jacob Portrait Dana Leigh Snidecor Photography ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Our family portraitFamily ~ Dana Leigh Snidecor Photography ~ HeyGirlfriend.NetBrothers Dana Leigh Snidecor Photography ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Jake and Winnie were Famous in the Neighborhood because of their Dramatic Antics in the Window at Passersby

They would first bark at the passersby and then begin barking at each other, then they would attack each other.  As if to say, to the outsiders, “this is what we’ll do to you!”

The boys at the front window HeyGirlfriend.NetBonding With the Boys


Our first Christmas without WinnieFirst Christmas Without Winnie HeyGirlfriend.NetThey look posed, but this was a candid photo.  Mamba loved to be near Jake. Jake and Mamba Backyard HeyGirlfriend.Net

A good ear scratch and a view of boaters on Lake Chelan, his happy place Ear Scratch Chelan ~ Photography by Melissa Bolinger ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Regal until the end
Backyard Portrait by Melissa Bolinger ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

I can’t quite wrap my head around your not being here.  It’s quiet without you and the house feels empty.  Mamba is still looking for you.  The yard feels different now, too.  I haven’t vacuumed the last remnants of your hair or washed the sheet you used to lay on while you luxuriated on the sofa.  I suppose, I’m not fully ready to say…

Good bye beautiful boy, you were perfection.

16 thoughts on “Gentle Jake

  1. Janis Cooper says:

    Dear Mel and Jon, I am so sorry about your precious Jake. It will take a long time for this to heal. Mamba may need a sibling? Love you much J


    1. Janis, Jon is wanting a sibling for Mamba in the worst way!


  2. Nancy says:

    Oh, Lissa Bear! I’m so sorry. What a beautiful tribute to your sweet Jake.


  3. ssspaces says:

    Oh, sweet Mel.

    So sorry for your loss. Hugs to you and Jon.


  4. I am pasting a quote from our friend Katy. She posted it on facebook today. It belongs here!

    “I never really cared about dogs until I met Winnie and Jake. They opened my eyes! So loving, intelligent, entertaining – the two of them! My life is certainly blessed with such happy, precious memories of them.”


  5. Janet bolinger says:

    They both were great “Grand dogs” to Duane and me. With your home in Long Beach and our winter home in Palm Springs, we got to see and know your “boys” intimately! What fun they were. They most always would make their way to our bed in the rear of the RV. (the 2nd one would snuggle up on the carpet at end of the bed). Jake’s favorite special secret “spot” would be “under” your long coffee table in your front room in your Long Beach home! He could keep an eye on the happenings and not be seen! He will be sorely missed by his Grama and Grampa, too dear! That was a very nice tribute to Winnie n Jake. Give ‘lil Mamba a hug from both of us! Love to you and yours. Janet and Duane “Jake’s grandparents!”


    1. Janet,
      I nearly posted a picture of Jake with his nose peeking out from under the table cloth and another of the time we decided to put the kitchen trash can, brimming full, on top of your brand new motor coach's master bed. We then closed the heavy pocket door to your room, and probably the bathroom door leading to your bedroom. Then we left the boys in the living area and took off for dinner. When we returned a few hours later, we were shocked to see garbage everywhere! There were coffee grounds, egg shells, old produce and a myriad of other gross things smeared all over your beautiful light carpet and bedspread. The boys' ears were pinned back, flat against their heads and they had sheepish smiles on their faces. As if to say, "Don't see us, but if you do… we are cute, don't be mad!" You two acted like it was a little spilled water. You have always been beyond generous with the messes those two made and have been wonderful grandparents to them. Thank you!


  6. I loved your beautiful post about Jakey. It made me cry. I know how much you and Jon loved Jake and Winnie. Big hugs to you both! Love you girlfriend! xoxo


  7. Anne Furey says:

    beautiful tribute Mel!


  8. Amy Westrick says:

    Good job sis, sharing such special moments about those sweet kids. So sorry about the pain that has to follow such a loss! My family sure has been sad knowing precious Jakey is gone. We love you guys!


    1. Your family was wonderful to Jakey. I think about the extra special treatment his Uncle Kirk always gave him. I also picture cousin Macy petting him and Jake trying to play with his cousin Brooks, Serok and Mamba in the backyard. He would get knocked over and I would have to pick him back up to keep him in the game (I was on Jake’s dog team). You were a wonderful and loving auntie to him, too. ❤


  9. Kelly Garcia says:

    Mel & Jon, I am so so sorry to hear about Jake. I know how much you loved him. Miss you both. Lots of Love ~Kelly


  10. Melissa, I am thinking of you! I remember when I got Pepper (my Aussie dog) you sent me pics of Jake who I thought was beautiful. I love your tribute to your dogs. ❤️
    Big big hugs to you and your hubby. Take care.
    Are you coming to NC in October? Would love to see you!


    1. Thank you Ana Alicia! I love knowing you have beautiful Pepper. I intended to be there, but my husband surprised me with a trip to Hong Kong during the same week. I am happy about the trip I will be taking and sad not to be in NC with you and the gang!


  11. J J says:

    Jake will always be in our hearts. He was a gentle soul and our beloved Granddog. He and his brother are in our memory and hearts forever. We were privileged to be with him a few days before his passing and said our goodbyes to such a dear, kind and sweet dog. Heaven is his new home.


    1. You were wonderful grandparents to our boys (-; Thank you for comforting Jakey in his last hours.


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