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I am blessed to live in San Clemente, one of the most beautiful beach towns in Southern California.  It’s a charming “Spanish Village by the Sea” that boasts a mild climate and stunning coastline. There are great restaurants, plenty of activities and surfing going on throughout the year.  The Casa Romantica Cultural Center and Ocean Fest are just a couple of things that San Clemente is proud of, not to mention that Richard Nixon had a home here for many years.

San Clemente Pier

San Clemente Pier

One of my favorite ways to get a bit of fresh air, sunshine and exercise is to walk the San Clemente Coastal Trail. It runs parallel with the ocean and railway tracks. Many days or evenings, my husband, George and I walk the trail.  The view is amazing and we often run into neighbors running, biking, strolling their children or walking their fur babies.

San Clemente Trailhead Sign

SC Beach Trailhead

When motivated, we like to walk from North Beach to Calafia State Beach.  Sometimes we walk from North Beach to the San Clemente Pier, grab an appetizer and glass of wine at The Fisherman’s and wait for the sun to set.  Always a beautiful sight and the view never disappoints!

Recently, I took a break from my “in home” office, called a girlfriend and met her at the beach trail.  We walked and talked along the trail, and got caught up with each other’s busy lives.


Agave along the path
San Clemente Coastal Trail

Beach Trail looking north to Dana PointBeach trail looking northBeach Trail looking south towards the San Clemente Pier

Beach Trail looking south towards the San Clemente PierSan Clemente Pier Train StopSan Clemente Surfliner

The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar on the Pier

The Fisherman's Restaurant & BarView under the pier

View under the pier
We walked and talked our way to the pier.  The walk was not long enough, but it was fun to catch up with each other.  After our walk, we finshed it with a hike up a cliff of butt burning stairs. Teresa offered to take me to my car and less than 2 minutes later she proceeded to take out a street cone.

Bad Driver Much???

Bad Driver

We had a good laugh over that one!  I claimed I needed more exercise, but truth be told I feared for my life, and had her drop me off shortly thereafter. Just kidding!

Here are some pictures of beautiful San Clemente at sunset and evening.

San Clemente Sunset


San Clemente Sunset San Clemente Pier at night

You can read more about San Clemente here and all the great things to do while visiting.  If you see me on the Beach Trail, shout out “Hey, Girlfriend!”



10 thoughts on “San Clemente – A Little Slice of Heaven

  1. Linda Hammond says:

    Thanks for the walk along the beach, Val, I enjoyed it and could almost feel the salt breezes!


    1. You’re welcome Linda! Glad you are on this journey with us! xoxo


  2. I wish I was there, walking with you along the beach! Beautiful photos, girlfriend. BTW, I know you cracked yourself up when you posted the pic, ratting your friend out for smashing the cones… AND you even identified her with a picture!


  3. I wish you were here too. I DID crack myself up! I admit it……..I’m a brat. I’m sure she’ll get me back. As far as adding her picture, I was just trying to warn the public about her driving skills 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Carol Goodwin says:

    Hey Val…hello old friend! I walk the Laguna beaches every week and find it to be my most valuable form of exercise! The views are amazing! Would love to meet with you in San Clemente sometime and learn about the beauty of the trails and better yet catch up after all these years!


    1. Hi Carol! Nice to see you here! Laguna has beautiful beaches too and is of my favorite towns here in Orange County. Would love to catch up too!


  5. Kourtnie says:

    I loved reading this and seeing all the pictures! Makes me miss being back home and all the beautiful sunsets and sunrises San Clemente has. This may be my favorite post yet! Beautiful pictures ❤️


    1. I’m glad it brought back sweet memories for you. Thank you for the compliment on the pictures. I am trying to hone my photography skills and the blog helps me practice. xoxo


  6. Diane says:

    I spent many summers in San Clemente throughout my childhood. It was definitely our “go to” beach when the San Gabriel Valley got just too hot to bear!! My friend Janie and I would hear the train coming and make a mad dash to the top of the bridge to feel the thrill of the train rumbling and vibrating beneath our feet as it continued on it’s journey. Ah, yes, magical memories!!! Thanks for sharing Val.


    1. Diane,
      I grew up in the Inland Empire so I can relate to the extreme heat.
      As soon as my friends and I were able to drive, we would head to
      San Clemente too! The train is one of my favorite things about SC.
      At night, when it’s quiet, we can hear the horn blowing. Music to my hears!
      Just think, maybe we saw each other way back when………


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