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Paris ~ Eiffel Tower

 I am heartbroken for families and friends who lost loved ones and for those who were injured or threatened during the November 13 terror attacks in Paris.

The most powerful way I know to oppose or reverse something is to do the opposite.  In the midst of my righteous anger, I am choosing the opposite of evil.

The opposite of evil is LOVE, which includes the attributes of joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Rather than write a sad story, I want to celebrate the Paris I love.


*Recently, a reader wrote to me sounding incensed at the lightness in which I wrote about love and terrorism in the same article.  He thought I was recommending that we love terrorists and treat them mercifully.   I am grateful I was given the opportunity to clarify.
This isn’t a suggestion to love evil, this is a reminder that evil attempts to erase the attributes of love.  If love is erased, we are left with misery, chaos, cowardice, cruelty, depravity, faithlessness, inhumanity, and lack of character.
As I add this clarification, I am taking a deeper look at myself.  I am considering how I can become more loving.  There can never be too much love, for it is the greatest of all gifts.





I don’t love Paris because of its “cool factor”.  I love it because of its dedication to excellence.  I love the attention to quality and detail that is paid to architecture, fragrance, cosmetics, fashion, gastronomiques, cookware, furniture and so much more.

A great looking shop – after hoursDSC05529 Menu board from my husband’s and my favorite restaurant DSC05460DSC05430DSC05464

Cappuccinos in Limoges porcelain at breakfast File641

Light, flakey, buttery, delectable croissantsFile784


Lox and bagels – my mouth is watering at the memory!IMG_6057

Fromage et du painDSC05540RomanceDSC05645History – Montmartre


Arc de TriompheFile1457

Trompe-l’œil faux bois paint treatment!! – LOVE!File827File826Living wall at Musee du Quai Branly

Musee du Quai Branly, Paris ~ Living WallThe Louvre and some romance!

Paris ~ the Louvre

Palais GarnierFile1556File379File1505DSC06336



Exquisite Fashion and exhibitsFile920Beautiful architecture at Printemps department storeFile1576 File1578

Landmarks – la tour Eiffel IMG_6835

12 thoughts on “Paris ~ We love you!

  1. joy swatek says:

    Are you kidding me!!! WOW. I sure needed that. The pictures take you back, and take you to places you simply long to be…. Thank you for sharing your beauty and talent with us. You have a talent in which we are blessed to be a part of. Keep doing what your doing so the rest of us can be blessed. I feel a trip to Europe coming on…. Ha! I wish. Well, a girl can dream right! I love you.


    1. Thank you Joy! You travel so much that I do feel a return trip to Europe coming on for you! Dreams DO come true! Until then, I am glad I could remind you of your time in Paris. 💖


  2. Amy Westrick says:

    Amazing photos! And what a handsome boy you had with you!


    1. Thank you! He’s a cutie and the best travel mate!


  3. Janea says:

    Thank you for that beautiful post, Melissa, and for the memories of the exquisite qualities of Paris! 💞


  4. Karen says:

    The photos are beautiful. I love the department store. Having such a beautiful ceiling and store must hurt their sales! I would spend my time looking at the architecture.


  5. Thank you Janea and Karen! Karen, the architecture in Printemps department store is amazing, isn’t it?! It’s impossible to ignore. The store is super busy and high volume which makes me wonder if most people do, eventually, forget to pay attention to the beautiful details. Printemps reminds me of Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC, in a frenetic sort of way. xox


  6. Janet Bolinger says:

    Oh Mel, what beauty you see and ‘capture’ for the ‘rest of us’ to enjoy! The living wall is just grand. You have ‘sent me’ on a trek that I can only imagine dear. Thanks so much…so great you ‘started’ with that camera of yours. It’s truly ‘been around’….almost as much as your ‘blue scarf’…..can’t wait to see more. Bring ALL your photos, when you two (three) come visit this week. (Great article dear) much love Janet B


    1. You made me laugh when you mentioned my scarf! I went across the street to Corinne’s house, a few days ago, with the partial plan to learn how to finish it, but I left it at our front door! I think I will want to wear it this winter!! I probably won’t bring photos, but you can be sure I will bring my camera!

      Did I ever show you the beautiful living wall on a pre-school in Long Beach, CA? My friend and old neighbor, Meg, who is an architect (her company is Architecture M) designed it. You can see it here: http://shelbybatalla.com/?portfolio=little-owl-preschool-living-wall. She used drought tolerant succulents.

      Love you, too!


  7. Joseph Murillo says:

    This was beautiful thank you.


  8. Joe, I’m glad you liked it! We need to reschedule our lunch at the design center! 💞


  9. Nancy says:

    Another post I just loved… I am from Arizona but would love to visit France one day!


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