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Get Rid of 100 Things ~ Get rid of dead leaves and replace ugly pot with a cute pot like this one!

Last week when I wrote Get Rid of 100 Things, I showed a picture of a mauve plastic pot I was getting rid of.  The pot was not only the wrong color, but it was too short for the plant.


My thoughtful cousin gave this ornamental pepper plant to me for my birthday in August.  It originally came with pretty wrapping, covering the dark green plastic pot.

Get Rid of 100 Things ~ ugly pot

This plant loves lots of light.  With autumn’s short days and cool weather, it isn’t as full and beautiful as it was a few weeks ago.  Getting rid of some of the most shriveled peppers and yellow leaves made it look healthier.


See how adding fresh moss, from our backyard, dramatically improved the appearance of this plant and the undersized pot?  If you don’t have moss in your yard, you can purchase it in sheets at a garden center or a floral shop.


If you add moss, be careful not to place it too close to your plant’s stems, because it could cause them to rot.  Mulch (in this case, moss) helps plants stay moist longer, so check the soil before watering.  When watering smaller pots with no drain holes, I like to make sure the roots are thoroughly watered and then turn the pot upside down to drain any extra water.


The mauve plastic pot looked attractive after I added moss, but it still clashed with our home, so I got rid of it and traded it for one of my favorites.


I bought this green pot with birthday money (I think it was $8-!) when I was on a California camping adventure with Valerie a few years ago.

Get Rid of 100 Things ~ Get rid of dead leaves and replace ugly pot with a cute pot like this one!


*Depending on the plant and arrangement, nut shells (such as pistachio), coconut mulch, and even ferns or ivy can be good looking finishes for a potted plant.  If you choose to use a second or third plant in a shared container, make sure it has similar lighting and watering requirements to whatever it is planted with.

2 thoughts on “Beautify a Potted Plant

  1. I love what you did with the moss with both pots. I am partial to that green one as I collect green pots for the patio.


    1. Nancy, Thank you! I have a collection of green pots, too. They make me happy!

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