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Jamison Cottage

A few days before Thanksgiving, I received a text message with some photos of Girlfriend Jami’s (of Jamison Cottage) dining room table.  She was showing me how she used the polka dot straws I bought for her.


Since I live over 3 hours away, I asked Jami to ask Girlfriend Kim Cherry, a professional photographer, to take a few photos for me.  Kim was gracious to take all of the photos featured in this post.

Jamison Cottage Dining table set for a Fall Dinner

Jami sets her table with mismatched silver, dishes and chairs.  She also uses jars with straws for drinking and decorates with twigs from her yard.

Jamison Cottage dining room

A creative display features cloches balancing on an antique scale.

Jami asked Kim to take a few pictures of her newest vignettes upstairs, too.

Jamison Cottage

Jami recently found this unique bust form while treasure hunting.


Kim and Jami met at North Coast Antiques Mall, the same place Jami and I met.


The day Jami and I met we discovered that, although we’ve never lived in the same town and have mostly lived 3 states away from each other, we were both born in the same small town hospital, which no longer exists.

Jamison Cottage Bedroom Hallway

Jami maximizes storage space in the bedroom hallway by utilizing a freestanding chest of drawers, shelving and an antique hutch with glass doors.

The day Jami and Kim met, they discovered they were next door neighbors.  Real next door neighbors.  The kind with a path leading between their two homes!

Jamison Cottage

The frame above features Jami’s grandfather-in-law as one of the 1903 Law Class graduates at the University of Washington.   I am intrigued by the way the oval cut outs are angled in the antique matting.

Now they are neighbors in two places, since Kim recently opened a shop next to Jami’s at the North Coast Antique Mall.  If you are ever in Seaview, Washington or on the Long Beach Peninsula and you love treasure hunting, visit Jami’s and Kim’s charming shops.


Also, consider hiring Kim for portraiture of individuals or families while visiting the scenic beaches of the Long Beach Peninsula and surrounding areas!


Visit Kim’s photography website at:  www.KimCherryPhotography.com. Her work is beautiful!




2 thoughts on “Late Autumn at Jamison Cottage

  1. Sarah Phillipps says:

    I love this!!

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    1. Thank you, Sarah! ❤️


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