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There are over 36,000 Free Library Book Exchanges around the world, but until I recently moved back to the Pacific Northwest, I had never seen one.  DSC04359

The Little Free Libraries featured here are all within walking distance of each other, some are only a few houses apart.


DSC04345I have noticed that each Little Free Library seems to have it’s own flavor.  The one above was filled with mostly children’s  books.DSC04427This Little Free Library sits in front of a church.DSC04431

The Little Free Library, below, sits in front of a tiny storybook house.  This is one of the tidier libraries I came across today.DSC04384

This Little Free Library offered a bag of Almond Joys and a book I have wanted to read, “My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me”, written by the German-Nigerian granddaughter of a Nazi.  I left the candy, but took the book!DSC04368DSC04377

This Little Free Library sits at the sidewalk below a beautiful home overlooking the Puget Sound.DSC04397

I used to spend a lot of time visiting and sometimes working in NYC.  On nearly every visit, I’d go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; shop at Henri Bendel and New York Look; I’d eat at Bianca on Bleecker St. (heartbreakingly, I think they are gone, now), Felix and Cipriani in SoHo, Pó and the Spotted Pig in Greenwich Village; and visit the New York City Library, next to Bryant Park.


One Saturday, Jon and I walked from our hotel in SoHo to the Library.  We shopped in the Library’s book store and I found the book “Gotham”, a history book of New York City.  I really wanted it, but it was 1383 pages thick and must have weighed 10 pounds.


We still had plans to walk to Central Park, visit the Met and then walk back to Soho.  Jon sweetly offered to carry the book if I wanted to buy it.  I couldn’t do that to him, so I passed.


Look what I found today in the Little Free Library pictured above and below!DSC04412DSC04414


5 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries

  1. Janea from the STYLetti.com says:

    That is so cool that you found another FREE book about New York’s history. Those lending libraries are magical and so charming. There’s one in front of a coffee shop by my house!


    1. I love the thought of a Little Free Library in front of a coffee shop! I saw a Little Free Library in front of a tiny, but beautiful park with a bench yesterday; I thought that was a smart location.


  2. How fun! What a sweet post, enjoy your books!


    1. Thanks Sarah! Do you ever donate books or borrow books from the Little Free Libraries?


  3. Nancy says:

    I have seen one of these before and for the life of me I can’t remember where! So… I must ponder this and figure it out. Thank You for the memory… if I could just remember “where” the memory originated!!

    Liked by 1 person

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