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I was recently treated with deceit with regard to something small.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Virtue

It wasn’t a friend, but a business relationship where I am the client (of sorts).HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ VirtueI was left bewildered, wondering why.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ VirtueTruth is simple to tell and creates trust.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Virtue Truth builds up and deceit tears apart.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Virtue

Choose Truth! 

I found the following definitions on google:

  1. 1.
    behavior showing high moral standards.
    “paragons of virtue”
    synonyms: goodness, virtuousness, righteousness, morality, integrity, dignityrectitude, honor, decency, respectability, nobility, worthiness, purity;

    principles, ethics
  1. the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth.
    “a web of deceit”
    synonyms: deception, deceitfulness, duplicity, double-dealing, fraud, cheating, trickery, chicanery, deviousness, slyness, wiliness, guile, bluff, lyingpretense, treachery;

    informal crookedness,
    “her endless deceit”

11 thoughts on “Virtue… or deceit

  1. Janea says:

    Melissa, I have also been taken in by people who easily lie to others – it’s like second nature. They do it on auto-pilot.

    Those of us who find it easiest, simplest, and normal to tell and seek the truth often don’t expect others to deceive us. It can really hurt.

    And the repercussions of their lies can also hurt us well after we disassociate from them altogether.

    I have had to constantly remind myself that these people are not my friends and act accordingly. I know your blog is about changing the world one friendship at a time. It is sad but I have had to accept that some people are unable or not ready to be true friends. I wish you the best in dealing with this situation.


    1. Janea, You are so right. It’s a balancing act. I never want to become hard hearted and unloving because I have been wronged. “Love thinks no evil… rejoices in the truth, hopes all things… bears all things and endures all things…” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7.

      So there is a balance to strike. Love isn’t weak or gullible, but it believes the best in others. In order for me to bear and endure this, I have to accept it for what it is and not let it corrupt my heart. It may be minute by minute or hour by hour at times, but eventually the hurt will dissipate.


  2. joy says:

    What a lovely and insightful post. Your pictures are simply a breath of fresh air as well as your search for reason. You are correct on your journey as you are a woman of truth and insight.

    I have realized recently, in a personal situation, that you can tell when a person is a fool. There is no sense in trying to change that situation or even speak reason into them as they don’t long for wisdom or virtue, but choose to be in denial and go in there own blind direction.

    Wisdom is to let it go, as you said. I start counting my blessings, realizing I have a hard enough job keeping myself in check. With the help of my Lord and others, I long for healthy living and righteous truthful living. From one soul mate to another. Happy Easter.


    1. Joy, your words are salve unto my wounds, what good medicine they are! Happy Easter soul mate!


  3. Nancy P says:

    I’m so sorry you are in this situation. It’s hard to deal with people that operate under such a different set of ethics, or even under a completely different view of reality. There is such a desire to call them out and prove their lie to them (ego), but that usually ends in even more anger and turmoil. You are taking the better path by accepting that you cannot change the person or their behaviors, but you can chose how you will react. The goal is peace in your life, and your life is better without their energy.

    Also, I love the photos! Did you take them?


    1. Thanks Pooh! You are wise and your words are confirming.

      Yes, I took the photos in Monet’s Garden in Giverny. I thought the intensity of the subject needed to be balanced by peace giving beauty!


      1. Ron Bitter says:

        Loving Melissa. ….This is how I always think of you. Deceit is always painful when you are on the receiving end. It is sometimes hard to forgive and forget when you are in pain but if you can you will be lifted up and your countenance will shine brighter than ever and many more will love you for it.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Dr. B, Your words are always the best! Thank you. I think writing this post helped me to fully forgive. I was hurting and angry for nearly a week! I am back to my happy self now!

        I have been missing you and I love seeing you here. I hope you know how special you are to me. You are tightly connected to my heartstrings. You are an extraordinary human being; intellectually and emotionally gifted. In addition, you are humble, kind and giving.

        I love you, friend!


  4. Nancy says:

    I feel for you. I like the path that you have chosen. You have to take care of yourself first. Taking the high road… always the best road.
    Your photos are amazing! I love each and everyone of them. I am glad you chose these photos to go with this post!


  5. Janet Bolinger says:

    You chose the right path. Not an easy thing to do sweetie. I need to ‘remember this’ often!
    love to you and so enjoy your ‘monet’ photos
    love you!


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