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While I was giving my make-up brushes a much overdue washing this morning, I realized I musn’t be the only one who mistreats her brushes.


If you are like me, and haven’t cleaned your makeup brushes in a while, let me encourage you by giving you 4 solid reasons you should:

  1.  Bacteria from dead skin cells 
  2.  Brushes aren’t as effective if they are caked with old  makeup
  3.  Brushes lose their shape when makeup is allowed to build up in them
  4.  Brushes will last longer when they are frequently cleaned and reshaped


You can buy cleaner for your makeup brushes, which is formulated to be gentle on bristles and tough on built up makeup.  I always use shampoo and very warm water because it’s what I already have.


If you choose to use shampoo, like me, be careful not to get too much water in the base of your brushes.  Water in a brush’s base can loosen bristles or even cause the metal ferrule, holding the bristles, to rust.


The longer a brush has gone without cleaning, the more likely it will need a 2nd cleaning.  Once your brush has been washed and rinsed well, squeeze the extra liquid out by hand and then with a towel (use a dark colored towel in case there is a little pigment still in the brush) squeeze again.  Be so careful not to rough up or rub the bristles in a way that will cause them to splay.


After the brush has been squeezed dry, pinch the bristles into a tight clean shape, similar to how it looked when it was new; if the bristles won’t return to their original shape, I sometimes put a rich conditioner on them and try to shape them again.  Now roll it into a paper towel and tape tightly around the paper towel where the bristles are.  Lay the brush on its side and let it dry.


HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ 4 Reasons to Clean Make-up Brushes


2 thoughts on “4 Good Reasons to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

  1. Janea says:

    Excellent advice, Melissa. Think I’ll need a second washing for sure! Oops!
    XO, Janea


    1. My blush and overall eyeshadow brushes both needed multiple washings! Poor brushes!

      Liked by 1 person

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