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On Sunday, we watched the Seahawks vs. Vikings game at my sister’s house with our typical game-day gang.  My nephew just returned to school after Christmas break, but his bestfriend, Sam, was in town and was able to hang with us.


Seahawks, Earl Thomas and Russell Wilson, in after game prayer circle, which includes players from each team


Sam was caught texting my nephew to say, “Your Aunt thought a Field Goal was worth only 1 point!”  He was stifling an explosion of laughter.  


You might ask yourself, “How is a girl, who doesn’t remember a field goal is 3 points and is unable to discern a Running Back from a Wide Receiver, such a Seahawks fan?”


My answer: It’s all about the commaraderie.


I may not know a Halfback from a Fullback, but I enjoy the bling.

Although, I probably have a 5 or 6 year old boy’s understanding of football, I take pleasure in repeatedly watching recordings of awesome plays.  I have seriously missed my Marshy (Marshawn Lynch) and Beast Mode this season.


Click here to see Beast Mode!


 Jon just quizzed me on Marshy’s position.  Turns out he’s a Running Back.  Who knew?


Girls game day hosiery


I asked the guys to show me their socks.


Today I learned of a great ticket resource for sporting events (such as NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB), concerts and theater. The reviews I have read are positive and I thought you might want to check them out click here for the link to their site.

The name of the company is TickPick, and they’re a no-fee ticket marketplace.  Typically, a ticket buyer can expect to pay 10-15% more than what’s listed due to fees.  On TickPick, what you see is what you pay at checkout!  

They give ratings for ticket prices, so you can make sure you’re getting the best deal.  Plus, if you’re not happy with the price tickets are going for, you can put in a “bid” to let sellers know what you’re willing to pay!  At TickPick you can expect to find NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL tickets – along with tickets to college football and basketball games, concerts and more!


Century Link Stadium


Seahawks fans outside Century Link Stadium.  Who’s the guy in camo, you ask?  Um, that’s my husband.


Little Seahawks fan, with green mohawk, at Century Link Stadium


This fan modeled a custom made Seahawks Suit! He even carried a Skittles sign. I wish I had asked more questions now.

Our stadium is reputed for being the loudest stadium in the NFL, but I think it must have the best views, too.  As far as I know, there are views from every seat.  Depending on the side in which you sit, sights include sweeping views of the Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains, beautiful downtown Seattle and a vista of Mt. Rainier.


View of Seattle from the north (slightly west) side of Century Link Stadium.


View of Mt. Rainier from the south side of Century Link Stadium.

Blue Friday 


Blue Friday at Starbucks


Game day ~  Cashier at Thriftway grocery store

Furry Football Fans


Our furry King Charles Cavalier niece, Sophie, taking a snooze


My furry Havanese friend Zoe, a pensive Seahawks fan

Seahawks Sunday ~ Mamba and her Auntie hanging out ~ HeyGirlfriend.Net

Mamba and her Auntie Amy, with cousin Sirok (pronounced Shehrock) behind them.


Mamba going in for a tackle:  Golden Retriever / Wide Receiver is cousin Serok

8 thoughts on “Seahawks Sunday

  1. Janea says:

    You have one sporty fashionable pup! Love the post, Melissa – you prove that even those of us who are not die-hard football fans can enjoy the game (and associated wackiness). ❤️


  2. Amy says:

    I just love to host a party! Please don’t ask me what happened in the game. 😄 But, Go Hawks!!!


  3. patty says:

    …and a field goal IS worth only 1 point when it’s for the extra point after a touchdown! I, too, love football and my team – the unfortunate EAGLES (Better days ahead). And I, too, have to deal with my 22 year old son who, at least once every game, turns to me after I ask a football question and says “and how long have you been watching football?” I may not know all the rules, but I love the game.


    1. Patty, THANK YOU! I am always amazed when a girl understands every nuance of the game, especially since very few girls have ever played the game; other than maybe Powder Puff. My mother-in-law could have a doctorate in football. Last year my nephew posted a picture of her tablet of team notes on facebook. 💞


  4. Nancy says:

    I love football… but seem to be a college football fan more so! The more you watch the more you learn. Go Buckeyes!


    1. Good tip! I think the problem is that I socialize too much during the games!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nancy says:

        You can find me every Saturday on the couch watching every game there is on TV!
        Socialization is all part of the fun!
        Oh, and adult beverages!


  5. I think you are a perfect balance between my husband and me when it comes to football. He’s more obsessed by the pros, but he likes to watch every game there is and I like to socialize and libations are fun, too!


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