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With too much to do and too little time, I was able to whip up only two pieces of clothing for our tropical vacation.  The eyelet swing dress was fairly simple, but I chose to line it, which meant I had to think things through.  Normally, that wouldn’t be a problem, but I was feeling slightly under the weather and couldn’t concentrate.


My floral swing dress.


This is how the dress looks on the pattern package. I didn’t do the contrast edging or the tie.


Mamba begged me for attention when I was laying the pattern out.  How could I say “no” to my little muffin?  A game of fetch was a welcome distraction from sewing!

It’s important to measure a pattern against the body of the person it’s being used for or better yet, create a muslin version of what you are sewing first.


I usually take my chances.  95% of the time, I have to make adjustments.  I did measure my chest to determine the correct pattern size for this dress, but after the dress was completed,  I ended up having to cut 24 inches from the width of the skirt and 4 inches off of the bust!


It was beachy and breezy, but it looked too much like I could have been hiding a small car under all of that fabric.  I began sewing the dress with meticulous care, but after a few adjustments, I just didn’t have it in me to fawn over the details.  In the end, I really like the dress and I would have paid money for it if I found it in a store.


Some people take coffee breaks, I take picture taking breaks. I caught a glimpse of this beautiful climbing rose bush and left my sewing for a few minutes to snap some pics.


This is what I planned when I wrote Summer Sewing, but I decided to use a different skirt pattern because I like the playfulness of gathers and this print would not be lost in gathers.

red glass head straight pin

I love this beautiful red glass head straight pin. It was something little, but it was another good distraction to break the monotony of sewing.  I think it looks like jewelry!

Sewing does not need to feel monotonous or tedious.  It’s actually a privilege to be able to sew, but because sewing requires quite a bit of focus and commitment, it can feel like monotony and tedium if my head is not in the right place.


My finished skirt.

The skirt didn’t need any alterations.  When I have time and am well rested, I do need to reinstall the zipper.  After a few tries, I finally gave up on a proper and pretty installation and decided to wear something to cover it!  Ironically, I bought a top that will cover the zipper and I paid to have its shoulder straps altered!

7 thoughts on “Summer Sewing ~ two items sewn

  1. Janea says:

    Wow! I love your dress and skirt. They are adorable and will be PERFECT for your tropical vacation. Congratulations! I would also definitely buy them if I saw them in a store. 🙂 It seems like sewing can be a very zen activity. XO, Janea

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! That’s a great way to look at sewing!


  2. Amy says:

    I love that skirt! The dress is so cute too!… My first thought about the dress was, “hope she’s taking some cute panties, in case the wind blows!” 😉
    Enjoy your tropical trip, sister!


    1. Nancy P says:

      Amy Beth! You are too funny. Yes, a nice pair of pantaloons under that skirt.

      Lissa – Love the skirt and dress. So cute!


      1. Perhaps a pair of Jon’s comfy boxer briefs? It’s not too late to sew a few frills around the edges.😌


    2. Amy, Hyper modesty has never been my thing! I dare the wind to blow!😉 Actually, the dress is just above the knee, so I think the wind would have to be hurricane strong to force my skirt up that high.


  3. Janet Bolinger says:

    You did good Mel.
    love and hugs


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