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Southern California Mediterranean Garden

Part 2 ~ So Cal Garden Tour:

This O.C. house is quintessential So Cal to me.  It’s a classic soft white stucco Mediterranean with a clay tile roof.  The garden, designed by Valerie of The Home and Garden Stylist, is in keeping with Mediterranean and droughtscape influences.  The front yard is planted with Olive Trees, Italian Cypress and Rosemary Bushes that thrive in the climate.  The tidy Boxwood hedges survive with little water, once established and so do the Roses.

Southern California Mediterranean Garden

This So Cal front garden takes its cues from the Mediterranean.

To keep the yard from feeling ordinary and run of the mill during the drought, Val payed attention to the details to keep it special.  Notice the hardscaped planters, statuary and pots.  They give the garden structure, a place for the eye to rest and a sense of organization.



This garden is slightly formal with it’s tasteful hardscape and perfectly trimmed hedges. It is also romantic, with its Roses and Rosemary.

Roses in Southern California Gardens

A small amount of water allows this romantic blush colored rosebush to thrive in the midst of the drought.

Roses in Southern California Gardens

A fragrant pink rosebush planted on the path to the front entry, delights the senses as visitors pass by.

The back yard is mostly hardscaped with an outdoor kitchen, fire pit, pool, spa and surrounding raised planters, but attention has been paid to the details by embellishing the already excellent architecture with statues and planters.


A square concrete pot filled with succulents accessorizes the spa steps.  My little friend Oliver purposely takes a seat, facing away from the camera.

Southern California Gardening ~ Succulents

Colorful succulents deliver texture and vibrancy in the midst of a drought.

Statue overlooking pool in Southern California Droughtscape

A beautiful statue overlooks the pool.

Tabletop: potted cactus in Southern California Droughtscape

A light green cactus, planted in a turquoise and brown glazed pot, looks fresh as a centerpiece on one of the patio tables.

Southern California, Drought tolerant Succulents in an iron urn.

A rusty iron urn and lettucy succulents add a layer of pretty texture to the surroundings.

Garden Statuary

This statue sits below the fire pit and near the pool.   Large paper lanterns, dotted around the perimeter of the yard, add a festive element to the garden.

Succulents in Planter

I adore these fuzzy succulents!

Succulents in Planter

A planter within a planter.  The turquoise ceramic shell planter freshens and enlivens this drought friendly arrangement.  The red succulent reminds me of coral.  The arrangement appears to be influenced by a scene from the ocean.

Succulents in Planter

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4 thoughts on “Garden Tour ~ So Cal Droughtscape ~ It’s All in the Details

  1. Janea says:

    I love this post and the breath-taking photography. It was like a virtual walk in the garden. Thank you for sharing this, Melissa!
    XO, Janea

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sunny Southern California makes taking garden photos challenging because of the glare. I snuck up on the gardens featured for the
    So Cal Droughtscape series, so I wasn’t able to hang out until the sun was perfectly positioned for photography purposes. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos that were shared here!


  3. Janet Bolinger says:

    looks very familiar dear, and beautiful! must be near your former home. love and hugs jjb


    1. Janet, This one is in South Orange County. 💕


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