Hey, Girlfriend!

❀ Making the World a Brighter Place One Friendship at a Time

  1.  You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it and work hard enough

  2.  Joy comes from the simplest of things

  3.  No one likes you because of what you wear or how you look

  4.  You are liked because of your Attitude and how you treat others

  5.  Life is a Privilege

  6.  Hard physical Work builds endurance and is good for your Health

  7.  Passion and Follow Through are key to Success

  8.  Courage, Bravery and Thankfulness will Sustain you

  9.  Rain is a gift and so is the Sun

 10.  Wisdom comes with Experience

11.  Caring for something other than yourself is Medicine for the Soul

12.  You can’t control everything, Roll with the Punches

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