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My husband and I alternate holidays between our families.  This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with mine and Christmas with his.


We have fun with both of our families.  Some of our traditions are not the same, but what we do share in common is the kind of laughter that makes your smile muscles hurt, an abundance of good food and love for each other.


The day after Christmas, five of our family members departed earlier in the day.  The rest of us bundled up, walked down the hill and found a place to sled.


Jon, my cute husband; Ozzie, Mamba’s Ex-boyfriend; and Mamba, wearing her wool daisy sweater



The star of our family, Baby Louis



He’s sweet, inquisitive, smart, precious and so loved!



Our nephew, Grant, and our niece, Kolby; taking Baby Louis on his first sled ride



Baby Louis, named after his Papa Louie, and his parents Andrea and Grant (the tiny ball of fur in Andrea’s hand is Ozzie’s sister Pippa)






Our newlywed nephew Tyler and his wife Cara



Jon and Mamba


DSC03271 (1).jpg

Jon’s sister Kristi and our brother-in-law Louie posing for me on our hike back to their home


DSC03277 (1)

The gang arriving home after our invigorating hike, with snowcapped grape vines in the foreground


11 thoughts on “Fun With Family

  1. Diane says:

    Wonderful Christmas memories Mel. Thanks for sharing. I think this year Louie stole the show from adorable Mamba…..shhhh…..don’t tell the princess!!!


    1. Yes! Little Louis stole the show. I won’t dare tell the princess what her Auntie Di said, it would break her heart!


  2. Janet Bolinger says:

    Oh Mel, You captured a great day in the COLD ‘ole NORTHWEST! So pleased you are settling in, after all those years in Southern California! In the family, two of whom still live in San Diego and one in Newport Beach, braved our cold and crisp Liberty Lake (Spokane) weather, quite well. Can’t believe you all bundled up and made the most of a beautiful winters day. Thanks for the photos, how wonderful. (Little Louis, is the best!…..don’t think ‘cousin’ Mamba would mind sharing the spotlight …..and I did note, that Ozzie is now an ex-boyfriend! ) tee hee (family joke)
    So enjoyed your sharing….. the “Fun with Family” love and hugs and Happy New Year, Janet and Duane


    1. It was a fun time, I would have enjoyed seeing you out there on a sled! Funny how Mamba and Ozzie act like they never dated, I’m slightly embarrassed by how they now ignore each other 😉.


  3. Kelly Garcia says:

    Beautiful photos Mel! It’s looks like a wonderful family time! xxx


    1. Thanks Kel, I love seeing your world travel photos! they are always beautiful, too. I am missing you.💖


  4. Janea says:

    Beautiful photos of the winter wonderland with your family. Thanks for sharing! ❤️ – Janea


    1. Thank you Girlfriend!


  5. Melissa,

    Your mom sent me your blog with your latest photo shoot and I have spent the last hour reading your blog entries and looking at your photographs. Great job! I feel like I am getting to know my precious niece again. We have a lot of interests in common; I love photography and over the years I have written a blog that was originally connected with my business but I enjoy writing so much that I still occasionally write a new entry.

    I would love to see you and hope you will find the occasion to come and see me.

    Your auntie Jeanne. (It’s me, Melissa… I’m adding your website: jeannewolfingtonphotography.com)


  6. Hi Auntie Jeanne!

    The reason I wanted to learn photography is because of you! Do you remember taking pictures of me in the light of the dining room window in Bend?

    I wish I lived closer to you because I would spend all day, every day, picking your brain and learning from you!

    I WILL find an occasion to come see you, my mom and I were talking about visiting you this spring!

    I love you,

    Your Niece and God Daughter 😊


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