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HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, France

I wrote in my Paris We Love You post that one of the things I love about France is its dedication to excellence.

HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, France

Wisteria and roses climb a courtyard’s tile capped natural stone wall

These photos were taken in the quaint little town of Giverny, made famous by French impressionist painter Claude Monet.  What I find to be excellent about French landscape is the lack of pretension and ostentatiousness.  It is an artistic, creative, thoughtful, patiently produced, curated feast for the eyes.


I have not noticed manmade stone or flawless perfectionism, but often beautiful rugged and aged hardscapes.

HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceNew flowering vines were planted to eventually cover a hurricane fence.  Green paint covering the typical grey metal fencing was a wise design choice.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceWindow boxes caringly planted to coordinate with and enhance window frames.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceIf there is a crack or a gap, it is worthy of a seed that will blossom.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceThe French maximize their privacy and outdoor living space by commonly building close to the street and enclosing their yards with beautiful natural stone walls.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceWisteria climbing over a courtyard wall, below, offers some color where there is no place to plant outside the wall.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceFlower pots sit on top of high posts.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceWhen their land is oddly shaped, they turn it into an opportunity for creativity and charm.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, FranceEven their wood piles and clothes lines are alluring.HeyGirlfriend.Net ~ Giverny, France

Consider how you can bring charm to the landscape where you live.


If you live in an apartment, can you plant at least one pretty pot and place it by your door or on a balcony?  


If you live in a rental house, can you possibly give existing plants a flattering pruning and plant a few flowers or herbs either in the ground or in pots? 

4 thoughts on “Giverny ~ Lessons in Landscape

  1. Janea says:

    The areas you show are so non-perfectionist (non-sterile) and perfect! Thanks for sharing the beauty! XO, Janea

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  2. Kim says:


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  3. Sarah says:

    I love all of this! What a treat to have actually been here.

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  4. Janet bolinger says:

    What great photos Mel! You’ve portrayed a much different portrait of the French people than I’ve previously held. I believe I remember when Jons school class had that European trip, their teacher had them wear Canadian t-shirts, as we US people weren’t liked much, back then!

    Your pictures show a very beautiful n elegant side to their “countryside”! Thanks for sharing. Lv Janet

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